..:Glenda ~


I'm an entrepreneur {work from home enthusiast} and an explorer (of sorts) so hopelessly infatuated with nature and all its life-forms, yes... even snakes with their odd beauty! (But I may deny that if up close and personal with one ~ their beauty is best appreciated from a distance in my opinion) Outer-space in all its wonders and the fact that we are made of star-stuff totally fascinates me. No, really, I'm a space geek!

Living as organically as I can while staying fit now that I'm getting younger by the minute! In the down-hrs comedy, sci-fi, action & historical movies will occasionally tear me away from the computer. Currently wrapped up in 'Game of Thrones' Good music, real food and contemplative moments are a must.

He said...

  • "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken"

--- Oscar Wilde