Glenn Barres, Jr

A keen eyed explorer from the realm of dreams. Swift on my feet and a song in my heart, I am infatuated with the creative process and have no fear in exploring new things. Forever (mostly) bold and good natured, my life long goal is to create a world of abundance & equality through the advancement of technology, design, & philosphy.

I've been an imagineer all my life and with that comes many adventures. I think of myself as a mashup between Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Leonardo da Vinci, and Peter Diamandis. My primary interests involve, but are not limited to:

  • Systems of equality [political, commecial, industrial]
  • Web technology of every sort but mostly collaborative,
  • Brain science or pretty much anything to do with the brain, [mind and brain]
  • Video games, [playing and creating]
  • Education, [in processes and in substance]
  • Business development [in general]
  • human machine interfacing [general]
  • big data
  • enterpise management technology
  • networks

So in short, if you have a problem, I have a solution, and if I can't build it then I know who can.