My name is Goce Bogdanoski and i'm an artist,painter & web designer.
I made my first drawings and sketches 18 years ago. Almost 6 years i try to figure out my oil canvas technique and i has progres from day to day.
What or Who inspired me during all those years?

That's a interesting question because without inspiration painting is with no meaning. I can tell you that at the begining it was females, which are everyday around me and the first drawings was resault of my observations from females body,characters and their behavior.

Latter when i start to experimenting with oil colors, geometry was my interest. I paint abstract & abstracted art. I paint people faces but i remove parts of reallity. I paint representational & realistic art.

Print making & sculpture is my next challenge.

Architecture and design are my affinity.

I hope in the near future that will prepare my first exhibition and art installation.