Grace Mageka

I am a young proud Kenyan African woman full of potential from sub-Saharan Africa, born in Kisii County, moving Africa to the next level.I am very hardworking and team player, creative and innovative, confident, intelligent, competent, vibrant, dynamic, enthusiastic, self motivated, proactive with I can/must do attitude with a sense of initiative and ready to go beyond achieving academic excellence but also to take initiatives to positively impact the society.
I am mentor, facilitator, peer motivator, social change maker and youth leader, passionate about women and young people and actively involved in advocacy and creating awareness on cross cutting issues such as market innovations, social entrepreneurship,post 2015 development agenda, democratic leadership, constitutionalism, global policy making and governance, human rights, gender issues, sex and reproductive health, water and food security, green economy and environmental conservation(vision #beyond2050, #climate-smart-agriculture) and above all an innovator to be committed to doing everything in my power to transition my community.
My aspirations and desires is to inspire young people greatly to develop skills and networks to build their countries and communities and share the experiences, skills and knowledge they have learned through my passion of international affairs, diplomacy, global policy and governance, humanitarian actions such as peace building and development and the role of young people and women in promoting peace, advancement in women leadership because advancement in women leadership is a powerful resource and catalyst for change in the world.
In both my professional and personal life, I have realized it is important to help out others and as a young African leader thinking good for Africa; I am planting little trees of unity and peace which would have fruit unification. I believe I am destined for greater missions in Kenya, Africa and globally. Speaking the language of hope and contribute to the “well-being” of people by inspiring and empowering people’ souls." to achieve their God given dreams.
I have helped young people develop their careers without burning out and drive social change in their community and nationwide. I do offer mentor-ship for young people, career advice and leadership training for young people and closely advocate for young women related matters such as girl child empowerment.