Grace Mageka

Daughter of Africa Also Known As Grace Sabiri Mageka
I am a Kenyan African youth leader & advocate for better youth policies in Africa and moving Africa to the next level. I am a mentor, peer motivator, volunteer, social change maker, a counsellor and above all an innovator doing everything in my power to transition my community.I am very hardworking and team player, creative and innovative, confident, intelligent, competent, vibrant, dynamic, enthusiastic, self-motivated, proactive with I can/must do attitude with a sense of initiative and ready to go beyond achieving academic excellence but also to take initiatives to positively impact the society.
Purpose: To work on raising the mobilization and awareness of youth towards creating a better future for themselves where they can explode and develop their capacities.

Mission: To positively impact global challenges by engaging young people in initiative and work streams related to specific challenges they have identified.

Vision: I aspire to transform the next generation of young leaders through personal experience that build knowledge and engender better understanding of global, regional and national.

I am a youth champion for the Post 2015 development Agenda at the Voice Africa's future campaign, It is an initiative for African monitor. I am doing alot of youth civic engagement, peace building and development,by influencing youth policies and making a difference in all spheres from socioeconomic to political so that African youths can claim that availability in the socioeconomic and political space for them and be represented and involved at the International discussion. I also advocate and mainstream the vision for African youths and pressing issues among African youths such lack of peace and insecurity in Africa especially Kenya are popularized and addressed at the global developmental level.
I am the current East African Regional Coordinator at African Youth Association of Non-Governmental Organization (AYANGO), the current African youth Union National coordinator Kenya chapter, the current Co-founder and public relations adviser for Espoir Institute.
I do advocacy & creating awareness on cross cutting issues such as market innovations, social entrepreneurship, democratic leadership, public policy making and governance, gender & human rights, green economy & environment