Greg M Bae

Greg Bae is Director of Strategic Development at Comcast HQ. In this role, Greg is responsible for identifying, shaping and executing overall corporate strategy to enhance sales and profits, working across functional areas. Currently, Greg serves on the general management team for a new digital video product from Comcast, which is launching soon.

As part of Comcast NBCUniversal's Financial Management Leadership Program (FMLP), Greg completed rotations with Comcast Ventures (NYC), Corporate Strategic & Financial Planning and Comcast Assurance & Advisory Team. Prior to FMLP, Greg was Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis at Comcast Cable Networks HQ and played a supportive role in Comcast's NBCUniversal acquisition.

Before joining Comcast, Greg worked in variety of roles including Hollywood Entertainment, Boeing, his family business and a dot com startup. Greg graduated from the University of Oregon with a full scholarship in Economics and has completed FMLP's Executive Education program from the Villanova School of Business.