Greg  Phipps

i'm a former photographer, designer, and creative director. i'm currently a clinical mental health counselor in training and co-authored my first published book chapter in 2013.

i like helping people communicate more effectively, envisioning/telling wild and imaginative stories, and dreaming up grand ideas. i'm like a rubber bouncy ball, both here and there. i also enjoy change. i believe people should be honest. i flourish when i'm encouraged and take joy in helping others work through life issues. i believe technology can benefit the world, but that we should strive to live more simply. which is why i'm also a minimalist. i believe in the power of one life, but i think most everything is done better in community.

by night i'm in graduate school. areas i'm focused on are: behavioral addictions (ie - technology, eating disorders, and video games), systemic family therapy, technology in counseling, and intercultural communication. by day i split my time between a clinical internship and adventures with my two wild boys.