Stefan Pildes

VIDEO MAKER: NYU professor, VJ and professional video editor for clients ranging from Google to Grey Goose. Stefan had been at the forefront of Digital Video Production for over a decade, staying ahead of the curve of this incredibly nimble landscape. Stefan's credits include work as an Editor, Producer, Director, Camera Operator, DP, and Production Designer.

PERFORMER: Stefan's unique hoop style, clown training and stage experience, creates a pleasure for audiences of any age. Stefan’s created shows and stages for crowds as large at 70,000 down to the most intimate private celebrity studded events.

HULA HOOPER: Since 2000, Stefan has been the nexus for all hooping activity in New York City. He has taken the hoop to new heights with his creations: GrooveHoops and World Hoop Day. For the past 8 years, Stefan has taught the GrooveHoops curriculum at events, parties, festivals and gatherings all over the world. World Hoop Day has been celebrated annually on six continents by tens of thousands of people for over 6 years.