Guiseppe Hammer

I'm a driven individual who has a broad scope of interests, I call them verticals, that range the gamut.

From social issues, community cultures, climate instability & 21st century eco-issues, to gourmet foods, cooking for guests, the art of entertaining, workouts that really do burn, team activities, to modern arts, photography, talk radio, stand-up comedy, independent/documentary/animated films, to mobile gadgets, information technology, exotic cars, infographics, thrill seeking adventures, & hands-on fun.

I'm a people person at heart, which to me is more than being social, it's about being engaged in others' lives, making someone else's progress & success something I have a stake in. I'm an advocate of equality, everyone deserves their fair shot, I'm a giver as I know I already have so much. I'm big on ideas, both laser focused & bird's eye view as each type are essential. I am a lover of efficiencies of scale & absence of waste. I am someone who sees an obstacle & can envision various solutions with a 360 degree approach, where the goal is to ascertain the optimal but still achievable outcome on the other side. I enjoy meeting new, dynamic people that have substantive things to say (especially when others won't) and seek out things to learn. I enjoy life's offerings. A genuine smile backed by meaningful thought is the best door-opener. I get simple pleasures out of other's inspired laughter.

I am a work-in-progress, I always will be. There's no substitute for keen self-awareness, self-aptitude & emotional intelligence. I will always strive for sharing in success with those who've brought meaningful input; there is nothing quite like finding others as a source of motivation & learning along the journey. I believe in the human spirit and that anything is possible, but rarely without hard work & sacrifice.