Gyula Rusinczky

I am passionate about people, life and arts. Some say I am exotic looking, some say I am very smart and some say I am funny. Guess what? All of them are right. But in the same time I am a humble, down-to-earth dude who does practice the art of giving, kindness and forgiving every single day. What about you?


** UPDATE ** Can't wait to begin my next adventure in a few weeks which is going to take me to Spain, Bolivia, and Brazil! If you are working on an exciting project, please drop me a message. I would love to meet you and hear your story!



* Fundraising with Charity: water to support water projects in India (2013)
* Volunteer translation for the "2012 Torch Relay" iPhone and Android app by BitLab International (2012)
* Volunteer Research and Data Entry for Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti (2012)


Supported charities: (with every booking you make, I will donate 5% of the value of your booking to one of these charities of your choice)

Dollar for the Poor
charity: water
Harvest Cambodia