Handan Selçuk

I am Handan - College & Community Radio Enthusiast, Music, Tech & Web Evangelist! - Advocate for all the things local! Co-Founder @Soundtap

My name in old Farsi means one who makes you laugh and smile! I was born and raised in Turkey (I speak Turkish) and have been calling San Francisco, CA my home for almost the last two decades. I love this city, its vibrant and mindful peeps, its musical scene, its stimulating culture, its hilly streets, its cold foggy summers. I am ALSO in love with tasty sounds, they have become the rhythm to my being that guide me to peace in heart and to beats on dance floor. The love for sounds has led me to a path where I co-founded a passion driven social venture whose aim is to preserve the diversity that is college and community radio by delivering non-commercial radio to web and mobile audiences across the globe!

Genuine interest in Tech & Music & Internet & People