Damion Hänkejh

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Brutally frank advice offered here -- highly opinionated -- don't tell me you aren't protecting your intellectual property


Damion Hänkejh is Majestyk's CTO, a New York-based development agency and IBM business partner specializing in massively scalable mobile apps and IBM Watson powered cognitive computing. As the winner of the IBM Mobile Developer Challenge, we are now building Fang, the first cognitive, educational toy designed for kids, parents and teachers powered by IBM Watson.

Damion serves alongside Bing inventor, Lorenzo Thione, as founder of Ingk Labs -- resurrecting underleveraged, dormant IP from the portfolios of the largest VC firms and corporate / collegiate R&D labs worldwide -- rapidly moving it from concept to company to form fully functioning, capitalized portfolio ventures that demonstrate disruption potential.

Damion invented Internet customer service before IBM coined "eCommerce" and founded InstantService, the first and largest carrier-class telecom platform for live agent customer service (acquired by Oracle in a $1 billion roll-up, now Oracle Live Help).

Hänkejh was honored as a Smithsonian Laureate for his work as CTO of another Ingk spinout, Virtual Operating Room (now Swedish Medical), a pioneer at the nexus of medicine and robotics, which set the stage for the first fully accredited virtual operating rooms worldwide (now a permanent Smithsonian Institution collection).