Harry Saxon

I was born in Greece in 1982. I've worked on numerous projects over the last 15 years, mainly as a colourist for comics and books, as a children's book illustrator and graphic designer. I have a quite sizable CV and versatility when it comes to the way I work.

I'm currently the colourist of some exciting comics:
Slashermania (to be Kickstarted soon),
Freak Out Squares (issue #1 & #2 here http://goo.gl/YCaAnh ),
The Insomniac,
Torsobear 'Yarns from Toyburg' anthology (
funded! http://goo.gl/eYJtXu ),
Unlawful Good anthology
(funded! http://goo.gl/ie3fJV)
and Undercovered Agent.

Since February of 2013 I live in the UK with two humans and a feline. I enjoy tea and Doctor Who.
(And, yes, Whovians, that's my real name...)

I can be reached at:
asaph_ins@hotmail.com + mynameisthemaster@gmail.com
Mobile phone: (0044) 07731580168
Skype name: harry_saxon
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