I am a really ambitious kind of guy, I mean I started cleaning the floors, but worked my way up to frying the chips, and my manager said if I continue to show the ambition, drive and customer focus I have insofar I will surely move up to flipping the burgers, and obtain my 4th star.

In 20 years time when I look at my kids and say 'I was once a model' and force them to gaze upon my doctored pictures' the shocked look on their face, a lot like the shocked look on most people's faces now, will be well worth it!

I feel somewhat desensitised to social pressure after years of building an immunity because I really don't care what most people think, and it has led me to doing things which makes other people call me: crazy, arrogant, mental, confident, amazing, awesome and obnoxious to name but a few adjectives.