Heather Bryant

Welcome to my about me page! I am a disabled mama with a special needs child that blogs, writes, photographs, bakes and much more. Living life differently is my motto because I do not allow my disability to define me. Between flare ups I also volunteer as a local Parent Advocate for NAMI, helping parents in the trows of turmoil is my favorite way of "Paying it Forward"!

Some of the many brands I work with are Chicken Soup for the Soul, Best Buy, Orajel and many others. I enjoy providing reviews for their products and giving feedback to make products better for the consumer. I also am a food critic, I take it seriously when I see things that can make someone seriously ill, I will not hesitate to report things.

Since I have decided to rebrand myself completely I have worked hard to put all that I love into what I can physicaslly do. When flares do not have me down you can find me at http://www.reviewedmama.com (reviews, news and how to's with a little sass), http://www.bigbrainedzebra.com ( bub and my battle with Chiari, EDS and educational goodies) or http://www.heatherdcreations.com (where you will be able to find my photographic prints, jewlrey, cards and other artwork for sale. the proceeds go toward helping bub and I getting the medical help that we both needs as well as the expense of travel to and from appointments.

Thank you for visiting!