Tuvia Wertheim

Developer of HDAudioPlus HiDefMp3 : the world's first HD audio post process for Smartphones , Ipods, tablets and streaming networks.

Now anyone, anywhere can play, store, download, stream and market their digital music collections in authentic 320k HD mp3 audio :

  • Universally importable and exportable to any format or device.
  • Maintains consistent playback levels
  • The same audio richness on any device: from the simplest smartphone to an audiophile's custom stereo.
  • Incrediblly smooth and life-like; HiDefMp3 is sound quality to die for over any bandwidth!

Important Update: After 8 years of beta testing on Live365.com and the unprecedented popularity of Baroque 24/7 with it's 7.5 million listeners worldwide, Live365.com has decided to open 10 more HD stations over the next year in all genres using 320k 48khz HiDefMp3!

Stay tuned to our station page on Live365 for updates on the grand opening!

Email me today for information about HiDef Mp3 audio remastering for streaming broadcast or for music distribution on 5 to 35 hour DVD-A quality compilation discs.