hello there, my name is zan. i'm 18 and i live in north wales. i'm usually found either in the pub, at hardcore shows or on the back of a horse. i have stretched ears that don't match and tattoos on my wrists. i have 4 cats and one day i want to own my own horse, my own great dane and a fish called ian. my favourite bands are terror, have heart and trapped under ice. one time i saw the saturdays live by accident. if you want to get close to me you have to learn my cats names and the names of the horses i ride, because that's pretty much all i talk about other than gigs. i have a thousand funny stories to tell and i like to tell them twice, because i usually forget i've already told them. compliment my tattoos and hair and i'll love you, slag off my favourite band or my eyebrows and i'll punch you.