Helen Williams

Helen Williams is CEO of HMW Sports Consulting. Her company provides services for the professional development of coaches. She and her staff help them improve their leadership and management skills, giving the people they supervise a positive experience. Helen has extensive experience in athletics Williams and has built an eclectic and unique resume, spending time at Division I, II, and III institutions; Lenoir-Rhyne University, Wake Forest University, University of South Florida, Western Michigan University, US Naval Academy, Princeton University, Merrimack College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Harvard University. She is a blogger for the websites "Team Fenom", "Institute For Sport Coaching", and "Women In Coaching". Williams is a color analyst for college basketball, a certified official, and the author of "COACH LIKE A MOTHER; A GUIDE FOR THE 21ST CENTURY SPORTS COACH". To engage Helen's services, or if you are seeking an outstanding speaker for your association or organization use the link below.

Professional Development for coaches
Coaches' Seminars for athletic staff

Color analyst for college basketball (Harvard University, MIT, Heritage Sports Radio Network)
Author of "Coach Like A Mother; A Guide For The 21st Century Sports Coach"
Available in print @ www.hmwsportsconsulting.com
Available online @ www.barnesandnoble.com, www.amazon.com, and www.kobo.com