Hilary Bernadetha Rangan P

Nama saya Hilary Bernadetha Rangan Pasulu, panggil aja Hilary dan lahir di Pontianak, 29 April 1995. Saya pernah bersekolah di SD Frater Teratai II Makassar, lalu pindah di SD Kristen Immanuel, tamat dari SD melanjutkan sekolah saya di SMP SUSTER Pontianak, dan sekarang saya bersekolah di SMA Negeri 8 Pontianak.

I was once afraid of people saying "she thought she was great" and "who does she think she is" but I realized, that I have Jesus who is always there when I was in confusion and darkness.

Don't like me ? Cool.. I don't wake up everyday to impress you :p