Harish Iyer

Harish Iyer (aka Harrish Iyer aka Aham aka @hiyer) is an icon for the common people. An Equal Rights Activist, he is best known for his quirky campaigns for the rights of Homosexuals, Women, Children and Animals. His life and experiences have been the subject of a book and two movies.

Harish has been a vocal voice for the LGBT campaign worldwide. It is thus, not surprising that he is listed at #71 in the World Pride Powerlist 2013. He shares the honour with Stephen Fry, Ricky Martin, Elton John, Martina Navratilova to name a few. He is the only Indian National in the list.

Biography : Harish's childhood was scarred by repeated sexual abuse. But with a little help from his animal friends, Harish learnt to take the lemons life handed him and make sweet lemonade. He has been a vociforous campaigner for the rights of children, urging parents to be vigilant for signs of possible abuse in their children. Harish is also openly gay and has been campaigning for the rights of the LGBT community. He has councelled several young men and women and help them 'come out' and deal with their sexual orientation in a healthy way. He has also been vocal about Women's Rights and has recently started an online movement called Khuli Tijori.

Personal Interests: Harish is an online social media activist and routinely uses blogs, Facebook and Twitter to campaign for causes dear to him. He is best known for turning his personal blog as a helpline during the 26/11 terror attacks. He also started the Sita Sena campaign to condemn the attack on women in a Bangalore pub two years ago. He is also a compulsive WHATSAPPer and uses the platform to broadcast public service messages.

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