Salem Collo-Julin

Hello big time recruiters and people who like corporate language: I use my writing, artistic, analytical, and social skills to guide me through many collaborations and projects.

Hello people looking for a good time: I'm a funny lady. See also childhood: chubby with big glasses and weird name. In other words, I was born to make you laugh.

Give me a stage and I'll fill it with love. Then I'll sweep up, because I'm a middle-aged lady of color. I'm happy to get OSHA certified in using the industrial floor cleaner too. Those sanitation jobs sometimes come with a pension, and I'm all over that.

From January 2001 - June 2014, I was a member Temporary Services, a group that publishes, creates, organizes, and collaborates. We also founded Half Letter Press, a publishing imprint and retail/wholesale webstore that my former collaborators continue to run. I'm currently working as an AmeriCorps VISTA in service to a large npo in Philadelphia, specializing in Military Service Members & Veterans issues.

I've written text for a bunch of different projects and publications, performed in venues, made installations, organized paperwork, wrangled people, served drinks, taken care of pets, proofread, edited, designed, and talked it out. Always interested in new possibilities.

Want to hire me or collaborate? I can work for you or with you. Want a performer for your event, an actor for your short, a comedian for your stage? Shoot me a message and let's connect. I'm available for excellence and enjoy beverages.