Paula Horning

Currently expanding my experience as a freelance copy editor using skills refined while working in the commercial real estate lease administration sector. Using my extensive wordsmithing background obtained via lease analyst and document preparation for commercial leases, and preparing websites and marketing brochures for individual customers. Prior experience included Lease Administration Group at CLW Realty Group to assist with nationwide Lease Administration for Clear Channel Radio abstracting tower and studio leases, and assisting Cunningham Lindsey and Hudson of Tampa with their lease administration.

Previous career experience with Cushman & Wakefield Florida, Inc. managing leases for On- site Client Solutions Account for the Verizon Telecom/Business portfolio consisting of 1,200 leases covering the SE United States, New Jersey and Internationally.

Prior to Cushman & Wakefield, employed with Airem Capital Group (formerly known as Echelon) as a Legal Assistant.

Degreeed in Business Administration with a minor in legal assisting.

Certified Florida and Idaho Master Naturalist.