Srikanth AN

I am an enthusiastic Electronics engineering undergraduate from the University of Mumbai, India. I also happen to be the founder and Editor-in-chief of Infworm, a tech blog covering latest technology and information that inspires and fuels innovation. As, by now you might have seen, I happen to be a Zen Buddhism follower and an advocate of a philosophy rather than a religion. I am fluent in a few programming languages and my thirst for coding never dies though I happen to be an Electronics major. I love writing and spend most of my time writing code, books and articles when I am not blowing up IC's in the Lab!

I love the startup culture and entrepreneurship. As I also happen to be running an online publication, ping me if you happen to be an entrepreneur and have an interesting startup launched or for sharing a few tips.

Connect with me and feel free to have a chat with me, I won't bite!