William Josma

An Artist. A Producer. A Visionary. A Go-Getter - someone who aims to make something out of nothing and get results, no matter what.

I am in the business of people - connecting, servicing, and satisfying the needs of others. As a Producer, my goals are to cultivate the creation, branding, and quality control of Media content, messages, and their impact on the targeted audience. When I am not working on a particular project, I thrive on meeting new people, learning, and sharing ideas on art, (pop) culture, entertainment, music, media, sports, and technology.

An East Coast transplant (New York-raised, #TempleMade) living in Austin, TX, I embody the core mantra of my alma mater with the spirit of North Philly: Grinding. Hustling. Moving. Reaching. Doing. Creating. Every. Day.

"Stop reaching? That's not in our DNA." - @TempleUniv