Ian Forrester

Senior BBC Backstage Producer and serial Manchester and London social geek event organiser...

I am a advocate for the XML, Open Standards, The Commons and Data Portability. I live in Manchester, United Kingdom. I am employed by the BBC and use to run the BBC Backstage Project, encouraging you to use our stuff to make your own stuff (like: Hackday, Mashed, Over the Air, etc).

I helped bring BarCamp to the UK via BarCampLondon and setup BarCampLondon2 and BarCampLondon3. My last BarCamp was BarCampManchester2 and I'm considering another one in the near future.

I am also known for London Geekdinners and being involved in the data portability group. I regularly blog, and can be found blogging, writing and reading my subscriptions on my Kindle. I tend to upload media to Flickr, Blip.TV, Mixcloud  and Slideshare. I generate metadata on Last.FM, Twitter and Delicious. Network professionally at Linkedin and dabble more socially on Facebook