Ian Punnett
A popular talk show host as well as a minister and author, Ian Punnett entertains several million weekend listeners on Coast to Coast AM. Ian Punnett has shared anecdotes and curiosities related to the paranormal and controversial, in addition to receiving calls and conducting interviews as a host of the show for more than a decade. Ian Punnett also enjoys a wide following for Ian and Margery, the morning program he hosts with his wife on the Twin Cities’ MyTalk 107.1. The couple delivers a playful exploration of relationships, gossip, and news. Ian and Margery remains the highest-rated program among women in the area. Prior to assuming these roles, Punnett gained a reputation for his comic news interpretations, skits, and an overall entertaining presence at a series of radio stations throughout the South, East, and Midwest, among them WKDF in Nashville, WMJY in New Jersey, and WGN in Chicago. When not amusing late-night and drive-time radio audiences, Ian Punnett pursues a number of other avenues in entertainment, publishing, and religion. He authored two children’s books featuring canine characters: Dizzy the Mutt with the Propeller Butt and Jackula the Vampire Dog. He donates the profits from these publications to rescue centers. Outside of his creative endeavors, Ian Punnett helps to lead worship with various congregations. Ian Punnett holds a Master of Divinity from the Columbia Theological Seminary and belongs to the Association for Episcopal Deacons. He further supports his community by regularly organizing and hosting fundraising events for various nonprofits.