Kieran McMillan

I'm a design specialist in user experience (UX), information architecture (IA) and user interface (UI). My strengths lie in taking the lead with digital products using 'Lean' methodologies. I love working with a rough idea and bringing it to life by developing user personas, interactive workflows, wireframes and high fidelity interface designs.

I'd love to talk to you about:
- Advice on improving your product
- Choosing the best name for your brand or product
- User interface designs for web, mobile web and iOS apps
- Creation of workflows to inform the experience
- Solving interaction design problems
- Quality control for UX and UI design
- Mapping user personas and interactive workflows
- Information architecture wireframing
- Identification of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) requirements
- Conducting user experience audits and competitor evaluation to identify new opportunities

I believe design should not be considered as an after-thought. The combination of design, technology and business is critical to success because it enables product iteration to happen faster and at a higher resolution. Being fluent in the full design stack means I can take you from prototype to a full featured product.

My portfolio:

Brands and organisations I have worked with: Apple, Visa, Virgin, Nokia, Sony BMG, Groundwork, Quintessentially, FilmFlex, Quebec Government, London Design Festival, University of the Arts, London Development Agency, Channel 4, ITV & The Princes Trust.