dennis ignarro
I am a very mature individual, having been 'around the block' several times in my business life! The focus however, has always been in some area of 'sales', being the people person I am and the love I have for interacting with the 'human race'. My career has ranged from counter help at a stereo sales outlet on Long Island, NY, to regional sales manager for the same firm nationwide, to restaurant ownership in Dallas TX, to blackjack dealer at the Stardust Hotel[now history!], in Las Vegas. I have come full circle so to speak, with my move to Los Angeles many years ago where, among other things like 'tour guide to the stars' for a large tour company, I earned my real estate license and began doing mortgage loans as well as sales. It wasn't too long afterward that I began an 'additonal career as a 'resident manager' for some local apartment complexes, and fortunately, remained at one locale for more than 10 years. The economy being what it is, and affecting just about everyone, I now find myself back in the employment search market, but with an incredibly abundant portfolio of experience in a number of fields. And so I offer to my potential employer, the benefit(s) of my experience, people pleasing personality, award winning sales background, and scores of refrences to boot.