Ignasi Bonet Peitx

I love my city, Barcelona, and my country, Catalonia. I can't understand myself without my deep roots in this place. This is my place in the World.

I drive my creativity towards architecture. So, I'm happy to work in something that I really love. I'ts a profession, but also a passion. I'm an ArquinFAD board member, at FAD association, to "spread to society a critical and modern awareness about the habitat, landscape, urban and architectural heritage in wich we live".

I became a consultant in library architecture. Architecture makes sense only because it is inhabited by people. The same happens with libraries. It seems obvius, but sometimes architects and librarians tend to forget it. I write about this and other issues at Bauenblog.info

I can't stop my curiosity in the ocean of information that the network society offers to us. There's lots of opportunities out there, unthinkable just a few years ago! I'm studying to become a documentalist; maybe that will help me to navigate and digest the information overload.

Men cannot be if not free. Catalans will soon exercise our freedom thought a democratic process that will lead us to stablish Catalonia as a new state of Europe. When I work for this cause I can feel freedom! In 2011 I worked for the communication team of Barcelona Decideix. Lately I worked for Help Catalonia. I've been recently involved in the foundation of the association Arquitectes per Catalunya, and in the communication team of ANC, Assemblea Nacional Catalana.

I also experience freedom while hiking and cycling, in contact with nature. You can see some pictures on my Instagram and Flickr profiles.