Imran Kazmi

Consultant by day, Philosopher by night I mean different things to different people, peace activist to some, business problem solver to others, make movies and short films, bigger dreams there too! telecoms and branding guru, creative factory, animal lover and carer, fun oriented human being to most; innovated the world famous Balanced Score Card into CRS Cube, a fun way of doing business, government or non profit work, I am what or who you want me to be! And yet I can never be just that :)

As a businessmen I have loads of incubators and projects, is an outfit where I need C-level partners who can offer their services to the world, take a peep into it, as a motivational speaker and trainer I love to inspire and change minds, more at, as a consultant I believe in a model which is a mix of the West & Islam, - only for those who want to be and remain, the best. I mean there are so many things one could mention but best is for one to reach me on my cells below. A chat always leads to more tangible results :)

My UAE cell with Whatsapp is +971558094119 and Pakistan is +92 335 8299846

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