With more than 1,200 authorized service centers across the country, Intoxalock offers drivers convenient access to the industry's latest breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID) technology. Designed by Consumer Safety Technology,LLC (CST), to prevent drivers from operating a vehicle while intoxicated, Intoxalock measures drivers' alcohol levels before they engage the ignition. To bring drivers this invaluable product, CST partners with a variety of local mechanics and dealerships. The company regularly accepts new authorized Intoxalock service center bases, allowing local businesses to increase their revenues while keeping their communities safe.

Most auto repair centers already have the equipment needed to install Intoxalock devices, and CST provides the wiring harness, relay box, and handheld breath analyzer for the four- to six-wire ignition interrupt. Installing the Intoxalock device typically takes about an hour depending on vehicle model, removal requires half an hour, and Intoxalock recalibration takes 10 minutes every two months depending on each State's regulations. Intoxalock authorized service centers receives payment directly from the customer for these tasks, and CST does not collect any fees from its service centers.

Businesses interested in becoming authorized Intoxalock service centers should complete a Service Center Agreement, which can be found on their website at www.Intoxalock.com and submit it, along with proof of $100,000 in Garage Keepers Insurance coverage, to Consumer Safety Technology. Because many drivers install Intoxalock devices as a result of a state mandate, some states require Intoxalock service centers to undergo a certification process. For more information about earning authorized Intoxalock service center status, call (877) 777-5020 or visit Intoxalock.com. The website also outlines all of Intoxalock's state-of-the-art products, including the Intoxalock Legacy ignition interlock device, the Home eLERT alcohol monitoring system, and the Mobile eLERT device.