Jade Barclay

I ♥ ideas that open hearts/minds/possibilities.
I ♥ comedy, kids & flow. And extreme sports.

I demystify psychology, behavioural mechanics and neuroscience into simple, practical steps that dramatically improve engagement, innovation, transition and performance for teens, educators and corporate groups. 

* Neuroscience of Mental Health
* Neuroscience of Development
* Neuroscience of Change
* High Stakes Decision Making
* Tuned In Leadership
* Creating Aha! Moments

"Jade is a verbal assassin" -- Damien E, YouTube Australia

"You have single-handedly made brainfarts endearing" -- Anthony B, AMB Wellness

“You’re like fertiliser for someone’s soul. A beautiful conduit showing them what’s already there and what’s possible. Your view on the world is inspiring! It challenges the way I think!" -- Michelle H, Psychologist

"Mum, if the stuff you say at work is half as good as the stuff you say to me, you will inspire millions." -- my teenage son

- Nominated Forbes Magazine 'Names You Need to Know'
- Young Entrepreneur of the Year, 'Work from Home' Magazine

- World Vision & B.IT Scholarships, 4xBestselling ghostwriter
- Masters Candidate, Counselling & Neuroscience of Leadership

- Guest Lecturer, Mentor, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
- Leadership Consultant high ROI decision making

- Check out my son at Dangerous Ideas Festival & TEDxYouth