Jade Kwan

Hallo! My name is Jade and I'm probably the only left handed Hawaii-born & raised; ENFP (Myers-Briggs); travel-holic (9 passport stamps so far) foodie (Yelp Elite!) user experience enthusiast you will ever meet. I am a UCSD Alumna with background in Cognitive Science, Human Computer Interaction with applications on tile display wall systems (Tokyo), technology adoption (Berlin), automotive research (San Diego), playground design (Hong Kong), and most recently social robotics, autistic behavior analysis, & art therapy (SF Bay Area). I like the witty & I like the well-designed, especially if they promote education, sustainability, and imagination. My mantra is hearts, smarts, guts, and luck. I am a lifelong learner, always enjoy learning new things/getting inspired, so spark a conversation! And if you must know, my favorite color is Pantone Chili Pepper Red. :)