James Hosken

Having grown up on a steady diet of South African boarding school, maths, science and music, when James went to University he decided to throw away everything he knew and go into film instead.

James decided that an ideal place to commit this change would be the Middle East, so he packed up shop and left the countryside of South Africa for the urbanised desert of Abu Dhabi.

Through NYU Abu Dhabi, James discovered a passion for cinematography, at the same time he rekindled his old love for the piano. The opportunities afforded by NYUAD plunged him into the previously unknown world of travel, and opened his eyes to cultural sensitivities that not even a childhood in South Africa could instill.

James now lives for adventure; physical, mental and even emotional. When he's not hiking through some random jungle in Nepal or planning some massively (often overly) ambitious project* with his roommates, you can find him on the internet, attempting to make right the wrong that is his terrifically poor knowledge of movies and such.

*Such as building a submarine, or establishing a global news network.

James is also incredibly proud of his English heritage. You can get into James's good books by drinking tea (with milk), liking Stephen Fry and knowing the difference between England, Great Britain and the UK.