James Prior

James works for AMD as a global communications public relations manager for the Compute and Graphics business unit.

James' core responsibilities include planning, overseeing and managing AMD’s worldwide PR program for desktop processors and components; overseeing the planning and execution of technology reviewer days; support and drive the worldwide client component desktop processor review programs; overseeing PR agency activities and managing product review budget. James is also responsible for the content planning and execution of an AMD social media account.

Previously, James worked for the University of Alabama at Birmingham as a Systems Programmer and Information Systems Specialist. He also wrote for Rage3D.com, covering new consumer PC hardware releases with a focus on technologies from AMD for 5 years.

James holds a BSc. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, from the University of Portsmouth, England. James is experienced in working with Microsoft Windows Server and Desktop products, VMware [James holds VCP 3 certification], EMC storage, and has extensive PC & server hardware expertise.

James is interested in technology, science and better uses for computers/computer technology. As a Brit living in Alabama, USA from 2000 to 2014, he's got an odd accent. Now living in Austin, Texas, he enjoys teasing inquirers about his accent with "You don't think Tom Hanks has a good Alabama accent, do you?" or "You've been watching too many Hollywood movies"

James is married to Lisa, and they have with three kids, from kindergarten to college age; James has noted that they all behave the same but sometimes use bigger words as they get older.

James enjoys reading, particularly Sci-Fi [Niven, Adams, Banks, Asimov, Heinlein] and fiction [King, Crighton]. He also likes watching comedy or sci-fi TV/Movies [futurama, 70's show] and the odd Fantasy series [True Blood, The Walking Dead].

Once upon a time he used to be a TaeKwonDo 3rd Degree Black Belt; 10 years at a desk job and 50lb's heavier hides it quite well :)