James Prior

James works at AMD as a PR manager, working with press to review APU/CPU components in outlets like Forbes, Tom's Hardware Guide, Anandtech, and many others.

Previously, James worked for the University of Alabama at Birmingham as a Systems Programmer II. He also wrote for Rage3D.com, covering new consumer hardware releases with a focus on technologies from AMD for 5 years.

James holds a BSc. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, from the University of Portsmouth, England. James is experienced in working with Microsoft Windows Server and Desktop products, VMware [James holds VCP 3 certification], EMC storage, and hardware expertise.

James is interested in technology, science and better uses for computers/computer technology. As a Brit living in Alabama, USA for 13 years, he's got an odd accent.

James is married to Lisa, and they have with three kids, from kindergarten to college age; James has noted that they all behave the same but sometimes use bigger words as they get older.

James enjoys reading, particularly Sci-Fi [Niven, Adams, Banks, Asimov, Heinlein] and fiction [King, Crighton]. He also likes watching comedy or sci-fi TV/Movies [futurama, 70's show] and the odd Fantasy series [True Blood, The Walking Dead].

Once upon a time he used to be a TaeKwonDo 3rd Degree Black Belt; 10 years at a desk job and 50lb's heavier hides it quite well :)