James "Doogie"  Kautz

Son of Saskatchewan, currently residing in Winnipeg. Husband, dad to six kids (so far), raving Catholic convert, Barbershopper, Toastmaster, blogger, guitar player, customer relations guy at a moving company, call centre survivor, part-time introvert, proud nerd, school board volunteer. Winnipeg Jets fan, although the Ottawa Senators are my first love.

They tell me I'm a little bit quirky. I'm cool with that.

Likes: Order, Nerf, Lego, Star Wars, Star Trek, Breaking Bad, wit, red peppers, broccoli, cheese (mmmm), bacon (MMMM!), St. Benedict, Android, goal setting, personal development.

Dislikes: Chaos, fake things, cheap things, bad customer service, short-term thinking, bullies.