Jamie Sutherland

From a young age, I have always been a creative person, wheather it be musically, or drawing this funky background I have here. Lots of colour!

I started out playing drums in Primary school, but was never able to bring myself to an accomplished standard. So when I started playing the guitar just before moving from Primary to Academy, I found it a much easier instrument to play and I was able to accel at it very quickly. I think this was due to me being able to express more with the instrument.

Since then the greater challenge has been to excel in my guitar playing, always looking to improve and better myself. I am currently working on how to read notes fluently and to better my styalistic playing in genres such as Country and Jazz.

Since attanding college, and having the oppertunity to work in the studios, I have also gained an interest in acousmatic composition to a certain level. I enjoy creating music in this method, although traditional music scoring is also an interest of mine.

I passed HND Music at Aberdeen College. I sometimes teach guitar and the basics of music theory on the side. You can find my music on my SoundCloud page here, there is a link at the bottom of the page that will take you there. Occasionaly you will be able to download certain tracks.