Jamie C. Kennedy

Well hello there! Enjoy the background image of a lost roll of film from my 1968 Canon FTB! As evident, I'm passionate about photography & my career in social and digital marketing. One may even say they're the bread to my butter, the cheese to my macaroni but, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

I started my career as a program manager to young adults with Asperger's after getting my degree in behavior analysis. Oddly, that translated into being really good at changing behaviors in the digital space as well.

Ford Motor Company needed someone to be their social customer service respondent, that girl turned out to be me. After a year of slinging witty replies and helping distraught customers I headed out to South Florida to make a go of it in a manager role. While I succeeded in building out a world-class social media team for two TV shows on Lifetime TV, the funds weren't there to allow me to continue my role past the one year mark. Conveniently, my friends at Ants Eye View were interested in bringing me aboard their team.

I made the move back to the midwest from my small hometown island of Satellite Beach and was thrilled to set up roots in Chicago. A city I spent 2 weekends a month visiting as child (my mom is from Chicago and I grew up in Ann Arbor).

After almost a year at PwC/Ants Eye View, there was little work coming in and I was laid off. A short hunt in the city yielded a transition to an analsyt role from a consulting role, so I accepted the position on the Global Accounts team at LinkedIn.

Both of my roles in Chicago, consulting and analyst, were exciting and allowed me to grow, they weren't, however, perfect fit roles for my talents. I'm currently transitioning into a perfect-fit role at a new agency in town and I'm thrilled for what 2015 holds.

I'm always happy to connect with other professionals! Find me on any of the sites below or shoot me a message.