Jared Cummings


I love technology! I have grown to be an Apple Fan Boy through and through with a Macbook Pro, iPhone, and iPad. I create YouTube tutorials and also have experience in webdesign and social networking.


I am always looking for new projects and internships! Thus far I have interned for Windblown Media as an IT Advisor, Shiloh Roads Publisher as a contributing author for the Founders' Bible, and Training Minds Ministry as a webdesigner.


It is no secret that the United States of America is in need of some serious help. From out-of-control spending to personal corruption, Washington's Moral Compass has gone astray. George Washington said in his 1776 Farewell that "Of all the dispositions which lead to political prosperity Religion and Morality are indispensable supports." I whole-heartedly agree with the President Washington, and the rampant corruption in our current government is proof that real change is needed. That's why I am currently attending Colorado Christian University in pursuit of an undergraduate degree in Political Science. We don't need more politicians living off the people. We need public servants, who are not going to be career politicians and add to the pool of corruption. It's supposed to be "Public Service" not "Public Theft."