Jared Downs


Jack-of-all-Master-of-None, is the best way to describe Jared.

From designing products to designing and developing branding and graphics; the range of skills he posses is broad. Coast to coast, he has clients that utilize his design skills along with his nack for research and design thinking to propel their product portfolios within their industry.


Growing up, running around barefoot was nothing but normal. Many years later, his love for the outdoors and mountains has been built on countless miles of hiking.

An amazing time in the mountains is anything from the two mile approach that leads to a breathtaking view on the side of a cliff -or- a soul crushing sub-zero night where he discovers what he's made of.

Hiking Project: Hike all 48 4,000 footers in the White Mountains. 29/48 hiked.


Jared has many irons in the "fire." All his free time is devoted to researching, designing, prototyping, testing and perfecting his own products. Stay tuned for a few small things that with any luck, will become successful products.

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