Jay Prakash

B. Tech ElectronicsEngineering , IIT (BHU).



  1. SDR (Software Defined Radio) GNSS Receiver Development.
  2. Cognitive Radio MAC protocol throughput analysis and improvement algorithms for synchronized hopping PU-SU network.
  3. Particle Filter based wireless localization
  4. GNU Radio and USRP2 Based Wireless Channel Sounding Application at SPANN LAB,IIT Bombay.
  5. AI based Speech Recognition
  6. Verilog based LDPCC FEC Encoder,Decoder and white noise generation on Xillinx
  7. Multimedia application using Gstreamer,Ffmpeg and Twisted.


1. Jagriti Yatra 2012

2. CTO , Techaaritra Innovation Pvt Ltd, an startup incubated at MCIIE, IIT (BHU)


Member of Kashi Utkarsh