Jay Wray

A Florida International University graduate, Jay Wray is President/C.E.O. of LYFE Management Group; a Business Development, Advertising/Marketing & Event Management/Planning Firm.

As a former Educator and an Administrator for the 4th Largest School District, Miami Dade County Public School for over 10 years, Jay has a wide background in leadership. Jay was voted "Rookie Teacher of the Year" ('98) & a Finalist for "Beginning Teacher of the Year" for Miami Dade County Public School. That year he was inaugurated on the Florida's Speakers Bureau.

Jay had the privelidge to study Education & Music at Florida International University and also is a Professional Saxophonist. His love for education is the reason Jay gained knowledge in subject areas involving Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Business Administration, Leadership, Advertising/Marketing and other subject areas.