Jens Vilhelm Dinesen


As as researcher, I'm (overly) focussed on how to integrate new media in teachingscenarios - varying from new creative processes to tabletcomputers or the use of human-like robots or telepresence robots.

Other vices include an interest in combining game-theory and didactic design, in an attempt to make more engaging interactive learning, and to understand human motivation.

I'm a researcher and Ph.d-student at SOSU Nord - Future Lab focussing on integrating Interaction Analysis in the curiccullum of the future health and welfare-profetionals in Denmark. Bottom line: Im introducting healthcare technologies to students and working on ways to help them improve and reflect on their interaction with the citizens and technologies from a scientific and practically applicaple standpoint. Go to my blog for updates on this.

The Ph.d. is hostet at the Doctoral School of the humanities at The University of Aalborg the in HCCI-group.

For more information on me or just to say hi, contact me through the services listed below.