Jeff Hodges


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Jeff is a man on a mission; he is driven by a passion for change, youth advocate, publisher and Author who is a specialist connected to his work with at-risk youth and troubled young people. Jeff is also a very hardworking, creative visionary who is focused on using his creative gifts to uplifting and inspiring future leaders through the many tools and strategies he's designed.

Jeff’s true gift is his ability to connect with young African-American males, inspire them to take the lead in their own lives and communities. He engages his audiences by sharing his journey of self discovery from what is too often a common starting point of criminality, violence, homelessness and self hatred, just to name a few. He shares with them his authentic, vivid, and transparent tale of transformation leading them to a place of inspiration and hope.

His message resonates clearly with those who hear him:

“Society teaches us to appreciate only the things we achieve through effort and hard work. For that reason, it is easy to ignore the value of what comes naturally. Our gifts are usually right before our eyes. Sometimes we just don’t recognize them. This is why we must change our thinking in order to change our lives.”

Creator of Jeff Hodges Media, LLC Parent company to Young Men's Perspective Magazine and Radio shows. Published my first poetry writer frrom Canada, and wrote my bestseller "A Collection Of Conversations A Guide To Success Vol. 1" A multi media company, we feature A Webseries "On Location" addressing the ills perpetuating the black communities, we chop it up with that iron sharpens iron approach. Topics: We get it in about Domestic violence, father's missing in action and parental alienation just to name a few, touring a Barbershop near you. "Healing of Affliction" featured on COX cable channel 18. Join us on this journey with parents who lost children to senseless violence. As they share their pain and find healing!