Jeff Hodsdon


I'm a designer & programmer in San Francisco.

I joined the game during the Web 2.0 years, working and learning from the greatest at Digg. Next, I co-founded a mobile app incubator with Kevin Rose and Daniel Burka, called Milk. This lead to a Google acquisition, followed by a move to New York City on a 5,500 mile motorcycle adventure. Working amidst a budding NYC startup scene, I bought back an old project called Wefollow, rebuilt it and had it acquired within 7 months. I've had the fortunate opportunity to work on the product after. I then collaborated on a few more side projects, including one that makes it rain on your friends. In my free time, I was racing amateur laps at NJMP Thunderbolt.

I’ve recently moved back to San Francisco and am available for iOS, Design, and Product consulting.