Jennifer Martínez

Born and raised in San Francisco's Mission District with her outspoken Central American -Turkish born parents who immigrated to the US (SF) in 1959. Memories of her first protest at age four and political rallies by age ten. Ms.Martínez continues San Francisco's tradition of public service to her community through Public Policy in Early Childhood/Child Development. Through advocacy, designing and implementing community based programs that are culturally and linguistically sensitive to the diverse population of San Francisco. Fighting for equity so future generations live out their dreams and begin to change their world. This is her contribution, her legacy she is striving for. Her vision and passion creating community based programs strategically placed her in Tier Implementation for Quality Improvement Rating System -Early Childhood (RTT-Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge), actively participates in three boards in five counties (San Francisco, San Benito, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and San Mateo) and continues to advocate for the needs of children, families and early childhood professionals in the City by the Bay. Currently, designing a new coaching program in child development based on Race to the Top in San Francisco using research based tools measuring quality of environments and interactions among children and their caregivers, environment and special needs. You will find her and her talented group of coaches in Bayview, Visitation Valley, Mission, Ingleside, Chinatown,Sunset and Richmond Districts speaking in either Spanish, Cantonese, English and Mandarin. Work isn't everything but to give her the strength, intent, purpose and gratitude to advocate, facilitate and negotiate social change, you will find her: staying healthy in mind, body and soul, multitasking, running early in the morning, drinking milk tea, mediating, walking, trying out yoga, volunteering, cooking, hiking, dreaming and designing the future of child development in the City by the Bay.