My life mantra is to love. Now that may sound girlish, ignorant and young. What comes to your mind is probably someone doodling LOVE while listening to Taylor Swift then instagramming the picture, but that is not my mantra. Truly loving is the most powerful thing anyone can do. To love others freely often and without bias is no easy task, in fact it is probably the greatest challenge you will face. You will fail more often than you succeed, you will be led out of your comfort zone every single day and you will feel exposed, raw and alive. I am no expert at it, I fail A LOT but it is way of life I will forever persue. That being said....

I am currently the Director of First Impressions and Marketing Assistant at Dicon Corporation in Omaha, Nebraska. I graduated in 2013 from the University of Northern Colorado with two degrees, Business Marketing and Journalism: Advertising and PR.

As the Director of First Impressions and Marketing Assistant, my responsibilities entail but are not limited to: creation of the content on Dicon's social media platforms and webpage, creating verbiage and layout of project profiles, development of electronic and printed RFP's, content implementation and distribution of our E-newsletters and customer surveys, creation of advertisements and handouts, planning in-house events, management of external marketing services.

Among my many passions is traveling, planning events, running and yoga. I studied and backpacked through parts of Europe and am itching to see what else is out there! I also enjoy hosting, planning and creating all types of events from simple business meetings to sporting events to weddings and parties. In college I played D1 soccer which has created a post college runner and yogi.

My event planning blog and twitter account is temporarily on hold, as I settle into my job and life in Omaha. Feel free to browse my past posts and tweets about event essentials, tips and other fun eventing things. I would love to get in touch with you so don't hesitate to reach out!