Jennifer Levine

Jennifer is a social media producer and event marketer. She currently sits the Board of Trustees of The Georgian Society. She is also producing a new cosplay photo magazine due in Fall 2014.

World-class guest service training at Walt Disney World gave Jennifer her first experience at handling high profile clients and events. After graduating she worked with Rubenstein's digital press team on the red carpet, then coordinating Intel's CES live stream. That led to developing the content marketing strategy at Livestream and later crafting social media for Games for Change Festival. All the while, she became freelancer: crowdfunding over $40,000 for projects from 2012 to today. Now, she's hoping her infectious optimism and love of community can help you.

When not at work, she attends Harry Potter meetups, eats exotic meals, and learns about the future of storytelling.

[Photo by Grace Kendall.]