Jennifer Levine

Jennifer is a social media marketer & self-confessed fangirl for hire. She's currently exploring how wearable tech will affect online fan communities with Google Glass to create a video blog called Fanoptic.

World-class training at Walt Disney World led Jennifer to graduate from Rutgers pursuing PR and marketing. From being a member of Rubenstein's digital press team to managing Intel's CES live stream, her post-college experience came alive during the social revolution. She went on to develop the content marketing strategy at Livestream, craft social media for Games for Change Festival, and become a Kickstarter all-star raising $28K+ for projects in 2012. Now she's hoping her infectious optimism and love of community can help you.

When not at work, she attends Harry Potter meetups, eats exotic meals, and learns about the future of storytelling.

[Photo by Grace Kendall.]