Jen Thorman

I'm from a small rural town in the corn fields of western IL and now own a home in the NW Chicago Suburbs with my husband. I graduated from Trinity International University with my Bachelor's in Bio/pre-med and my Master's in Bioethics. I work in neither of these fields. My natural skill set gears me towards sales and so that is what I pursue in my full time career. I work at Service Express, Inc as a Senior Account Executive and sell data center maintenance plans. I never thought I'd understand the IT world, but it's slowly piecing together. After working for a few companies, I think this one is by far the best and feel very in my element here. I like to stay active which includes daily trips to XSport Fitness, Yoga classes, bicycle rides with my husband, and walks with our dog, Gracie. I love to travel and think that somewhere warm in the winter is a must! Mexico and Thailand have been our choice spots the last couple of years. Last, but most importantly, I am a Christian. This truly defines who I am. I hope that I can live my life in such a way that shines light into the world. Thanks for stopping by to learn more!