Jeremy Fall

Jeremy Fall is a tech entrepreneur and the co-founder of Caught, Cliché Magazine (acquired in 2011), and co-founder of SPACE58.

Jeremy created Cliché Magazine, an all-digital monthly magazine supplemented by a daily blog. With a reader base of 3.5 million for the magazine and 1 million for the website, Cliché proved how real the possibility of creating a successful magazine by and for the digital generation.

Jeremy's most current project is Caught, a mobile application that allows users to capture real life moments and build collections of memories with the rest of the world. It allows users to visually explore the world and everything that is happening around them. Caught will be launching this summer of 2012.

Jeremy also co-founded SPACE58, an internet talk show and web series with Tahj Mowry, based around lifestyle-related current events and interactivity between consumers and content creators. SPACE58 was the most viewed live streamed weekly internet web series in the world and made its mark for two consecutive seasons.