Jeremy Gardiner

First and foremost, I am a Christian. This means I trust, treasure and obey Jesus. This is where I find my identity, hope and purpose. How I see the world is shaped by what His word (The Bible) tells me about it. It is the objective standard I use to guide me in this life.

I'm the proud husband of Amanda and a father to three precious little ones (Rachel, Mary & George). We have lived in many places but now reside in Edmonton, Alberta.

The Lord has given me a passion for the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) and I use my time, talents and treasures to help finish that mission. I especially enjoy street evangelism and supporting great mission organizations like One Verse and Gospel for Asia.

I'm an entrepreneur who was born to work in front of a computer. I'm the founder of Gospel eBooks (business) & The Head Covering Movement (non-profit ministry).

I'm part of the hip-hop culture and love rap music. I'm a hockey fan who cheers for the Edmonton Oilers. I love technology...and energy drinks.